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- Les Twins


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Dans nos quartiers avec Les Twins
"Born in Sarcelles, from a poor family, you two are the youngest of 9 brothers and sisters.."
Laurent: Yes, 5boys/4girls and a mother who plays the role of the father as well-
"A mother who does everything"
Laurent: Exactly.. Nowadays, I do

"You have been dancing since you were babies…that’s a gift!"
Larry: oh even before we were babies, it’s incredible lol
Laurent: We grew up in a family who used to dance before we even started to walk, so..

"Your mother dance alot.. salsa to be more specific"
Lau: Yeah
Larry: Especially while washing the dishes [laughs]

"So, you are a fan of your mother, of course, Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan, Will Smith and you’re passionate about cartoons and mangas.."
(Laurent to Larry) Woah, she’s well informed!
Larry: That’s exactly it!
"And it has an influence on your dancing"
Laurent: Exactly…all my moves come from there.. loud and clear.

"And no dancing school?"
Laurent: Absolutely not…
"So you’re self-taught dancers!"
Laurent: Yeah, it’s all improvised.

[talking about being discovered and personally invited to dance on stage with Alicia Keys at Le Zenith de Paris]
Laurent: Her bodyguard had to translate it to me
"So you go find Larry at his job, who was helping his mother gaining more money… what did he tell you?(to Larry)
Larry: He didn’t tell me anything. Usually, when he ask me to come with him, I always say no, but one day he came in with his tie on, waiting behind the counter, he said: “Larry, you’re coming with me?" I told him "Well….no, I’m working." and he said " Ok!”. Then I said “What!?! Where are you going!?!
Laurent: And he followed me.
Larry: I got out of here.
"…to go at the Zenith of Paris"
Laurent: Right. At the Zenith, a little boy came to us and asked "You want tickets to see Alicia Keys in concert?" then Larry said "What! You want to go to a concert…you made me quit my job to go to a concert?!" and I told him "Well, if you don’t want to come, don’t.."
"So, how was it?"
Laurent: Crazy! You don’t get the chance to dance at the Zenith so often..

[talking about Beyonce and how she was looking for them for two years and finally being discovered in Times Square]
"Until then, she don’t want to leave you-
Larry: She don’t want to leave us[laughs]
"She adores you… you both are her favorites"
Larry: [laughs] that’s right.
"Few days ago, you performed at Le Stade de France with her….so?"
Larry: It was sick!
Laurent: Knowing it was my mom’s dream to go there..
Larry: It was my dream too, of course, but..
Laurent: Even though, we performed in Rock in Rio, Glastonbury, which had almost 175 000 people, as soon as we told her we would perform at Le Stade de France, she didn’t believe it, she said "please, stop!"

"You said with Beyonce, you feel a certain connection that you usually only feel between you and your twin"
Larry: It’s true, before we met her, we thought we were the only one to work that hard. She does a lot actually, she will sit with her hood on her head and watch the dancers rehearse until they go to sleep, and the musicians, then the ones who set up the stage etc. and she will take notes on what to change and everything. She is very sharp and on point.
"And at Le Stade de France-…"
Larry: We gave her exactly what she wanted

"So, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, you also danced with Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West….was it always without a choreographer?"
Larry: No choreographer, always freestyling
Laurent: We never danced FOR somebody, we danced WITH somebody.
"But it was always improvised, like do you look at each other while dancing?-"
Both: No, we don’t look at each other
Laurent: The only time I look at him is when I’m ready to do something wild and I have to show him who’s the best and vice versa.
"So, you both feel each other?"
Larry: Yeah, it’s a lifetime competition

Laurent: But who’s better today?…I’m not too bad
Larry: Well, I wasn’t that bad last night either
Laurent: See, you always say that-
Larry: Okay, it’s true you wasn’t that bad
Laurent, So today, I am the better one!

"[laughs] Do y’all get along?"
Laurent: Not at all, that’s why it’s always going well between us. It’s like a couple, if they don’t fight, it doesn’t work out, we have to fight sometimes.

"You have two different personalities..?"
Laurent: Like Day and Night
Larry:Black and White
"One word to describe each other?"
Laurent: He’s always late..
"[laughs] Always late… it’s true I can testify that!" LMAOO
Larry: Um, he knows how to manipulate
Laurent: And he is perfect [while pointing at Larry]

[blablabla talking about them winning Juste Debout blabla]
"And we are going to see you at the Twenty Four 24 artistes pour 24h de fete on september 27th.”

"So apparently, you dream of working in the fashion industry, music, movies..?"
Laurent: Yes, we already started though, we’re in a movie-
Larry: We can’t talk about it
Laurent: Yeah, we can’t… Well we’re in a movie, which I wont say the title-
Larry: “Breaking Through”
Laurent:..and the music as well.

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T A G S : int
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tea time with les twins



the translation has already been done so i won’t do it but there is a very interesting part that’s missing in the translation at 4:51 Larry said that while Beyonce was looking for them for 2 years she was convinced that they were from the states.. and her dancers knew the thruth and knew where they were from but they kept their mouth shut... ohooooo

Lau: the fans take videos we never did! and we didn’t speak on video!…so she was convinced we were from NYC

Larry : her dancers knew ! her dancers didn’t say anything ! they choose to keep their mouth shut!

Lau: yeah ..

int : so from this moments you don’t leave her…ect..the rest is on tumblr

                        pass the tea - gossip time -I wonder who ?

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